Fresh Caviar
Intense regeneration treatment designed for mature as well as devitalized skin, the FRESH CAvIAR Treatment fully benefits from all caviar qualities to fight against premature aging. The core axes of the line that are “HydRATION, NuTRITION and FIRmINg” have been included in this facial in three succesive steps to bring an in-depth stimulation of cell metabolism and the essential nutrients to maintain a young looking skin.

Energy Lift
(Fibroblast growth Factor),since this is the growth factor that exerts the most influence on our skin,facilitating cell multiplication, healing and stimulating the productionof collagen. Our treatment allows to work on 2major problems: desinfiltration and overloads slimming (cheeks, doublechin) as well as the tissues firming up to redraw visibly and rapidly the face oval.

Mezo – Vit
drawing their inspiration from the latest scientific ERICSON lABORATOIRE has created mESO-vIT, a new specialized skin care treatment along the lines of non-invasive aesthetic medicine, to be used either as a “meso-like” effect or a “meso-care” effect.

Botu – Vip
Our face is animated ever y day by thousands of tensions in the skin, which contribute to the formation of small expression lines . From the age of 30, these tensions leave their mark on the skin, and over time, little furrows become permanently installed. The solution to fight against these little wrinkles that dull the beauty of the face is to prevent the repeated stimulation of the facial muscles responsible for skin contractions.

Derma – Calm
The entire strength of this line lies in its a bility to act directly on the interactions between the skin and the nervous system to lower the level of cutaneous stress by means of dual performance:

– An “anti-stress” effect on the nerve endings via a reduction in the release of inflammator y neuromodulator.

– An “anti-pain” effect boosting the secretion of endorphins with a well-known soothing action. The skin thus increases its tolerance threshold and recovers its original well-being.

Acti – Biotic
The male hormone (androgene) is naturally present in the woman body This hormone is one of the factors causing sebum secretion But the skin is linked to the hormonal system by blood capillar ies . Then we have to slow down the action of the male hormone on the sebaceous gland.

Bio – Optic
The skin of the eye contour is ver y thin and it certainly is the most fragile area of the face. The eye contour endures multiple strains. moreover, the eye reacts ver y rapidly to tiredness and its effects can be seen on the skin through the outbreak of rings or bags under the eyes.

Cellulit Vip
A combination of Cyclic AMP, Lipases and Caffeine, Cyclolipase has the capacity to act on the biochemical mechanisms that stimulate lipolysis. It directly attacks fats to cleave them down. Research has shown that just 5% Cyclolipase results in a 247% increase in the amount of glycerol (fatty body) released by the adipose cell.

A strong cold actıon to relıeve congestıon of heavy legs Helps to go down ankle inflammation, Reactivates defective micro-circulation, Boosts the blood pump , Tones up the whole leg from ankle to buttocks

“SLIM” SLIMMING effect, with a preventive effect on fat storage and lipolytic action to improve the appearance of “orange peel” skin.“LIFT” FIRMING effect, by diverting the adipocyte from its main function. Reparative effect on STRETCH MARKS. Reparative and protective effect on the CAPILLARIES

This highly original body care treatment combines exfoliation and deep-cleansing of the skin using sea salt with a prolonged thermal body mask of oligo-salts and micronized algae. The resulting osmosis helps effectively clear the skin tissues. At the end of the treatment, the client notices waste has been eliminated and «dimpled» skin clearly smoothed. She experiences a marvelous sensation of purity and well-being. The skin itself takes on a softer, silkier texture.

MORPHO BUST treatment: a complete revitalizing treatment of the décolleté and bust with targeted actions on the size of the breasts as well as on stretch marks and microcapillaries for better support of the bust. To enable reshaping bust contours it is now possible to stimulate the production of fat in situ (the main component of the mammary gland) by combining three action mechanisms to redensify the adipose tissue.

Algea Treetment
Highly concentrated in sea water, brown algae are incredibly rich in vital elements: trace elements (iodine, iron, copper, zinc), vitamins and amino acids. This extraordinary composition gives them stimulating and remineralizing – but also slimming – properties, by increasing cellular exchanges. Algae pro-vide a moisturizing and firming effect to skin tissues through nutrition and multiplication of cells while toning up the support fibers of the dermis, which prevents the ageing process.

Pearl Care
Amino acid and a natural pearl powder mask on the seck of the acceleration of metabolism to tight the skin and helps the skin to revival.

Chocolate Therapy
The sedative effect of chocolate on your skin evokes a feeling of happienes by population. İn a warm fluctuations and invigoration inovmendts you will feel a unique experience. For the revival and renewal of skin cells is a unique experience.

Honey And Milk Care
Both natural antibiotic properties, both vitamins, minerals and protein sources in the care elements coupled with honey and milk and soothe your skin with fruit acida, regenerations, refreshes and renews.

Hair Care
Consisting of four different oil and obtained from a mixture of these oils contain vitamins follow in the hair tissue regeneration, to gain brightness with kreatin and vitamin revival provides support on.

Detox Rituals
Obtained from green tea and orange extract to accelerate fat burning in the body detox, nutrition for the body to eliminate flaws and reinforce our recommendations in our care we provide to speed up metabolizm in a healthy way.